Ms. Garcia

Third Grade

Holiday Project Information

Written By: Chandra Garcia

Design A Holiday

December Home Project


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Time for our next Home Project! This time, you and your family will design a holiday celebration!  


The goal is to make a holiday that others will want to celebrate. Think about what is important to your family and what would make a fun day to celebrate! You may create a completely unique celebration or you may build on a current “National Day of…” day. There are a bunch of wacky and fun holidays to be found online (for instance, Make Your Own Holiday Day is March 26 or maybe a No-holiday Holiday. )


On the following pages and below, you will find some organizers, a list of required elements, some considerations to think about and the rubric for grading this project. There is also a list of wacky holidays already celebrated.


This project will be counted as homework grades for writing, social studies and research. Remember that Homework counts as 10 percent of your grade and makes a difference.



Requirements and Considerations:

  1. Make a good argument for why you want to have this holiday so other people will want to celebrate it with you!
  2. Remember above all else that this project is about having fun researching and being creative!!
Required Element Points possible (one point awarded per numbered requirement, unless otherwise  listed.  for instance, you can earn 3 points for the Name category and 4 points for the Food category. You can earn 30 points for the General Information – report category.)
  1. Holiday has a clearly stated name for the celebration.
  2. Name is appropriate to elements created for project.
  3. Includes whether the holiday is National, State, City affiliated.
  1. Date is not currently in use for major holiday.
  2. Date makes sense, if applicable, to celebration. For instance, Midwest Play Baseball Day would work better in June then in December.
  3. Explanation about whether date is set or moves based on a set of parameters. (Does your holiday always occur on the fourth Saturday after Groundhog Day or is it just February 22nd?)
General Information – report(5 points per paragraph)
  1. One paragraph about what you researched to pick your holiday or how you made the decision about what to celebrate.
  2. One paragraph about why the idea, object, belief, etc., needs to be celebrated? What makes it important to you or others?
  3. One paragraph about the food that would be associated with your holiday.
  4. One paragraph explaining the decorations that are associated with your holiday.
  5. One paragraph about the activities associated with our holiday.
  6. One paragraph about the music associated with the holiday.
  1. There are three different songs.
  2. Reflects the holiday and what makes it unique.
  3. At least one song is original and has a fun tune (use one you already know – rewrite the lyrics to fit your day)
  4. The new song is written down and is easily copied, so people can read it and sing along. (type it up or write neatly so I can copy and we can all learn it!)
  1. There are at least five different foods.
  2. Foods are listed
  3. One item can be produced or brought to school for our Winter Celebration.
  4. Includes healthy and not so healthy foods. (if applicable. If you chose a health-centered holiday, then only healthy foods.)
  1. There are five different examples of decorations.
  2. Are colorful and appropriate for the holiday.
  3. Examples have been made and displayed
  4. Have a specific color scheme
  5. One can be made by the class in December
  1. Three different activities have been created. You can use making decorations as one activity.
  2. Activities are appropriate to the time of year and type of holiday.
  3. Activities are described including how to play or complete them.
  4. Any equipment or special items are included with the descriptions.
  5. One can be taught to the class in December.
  1. General Information is neatly written or typed. No more than 6 paragraphs!
  2. If online, in Powerpoint or Prezi, is accessible from school.
  3. If in hardcopy format, poster board or display board is colorful and neat.
  4. Ready to share one food item, an activity and a song with the class in the week before Winter Break. Sign up times will be available starting December 4th.

Possible points = 58


Letter grade Point required
A 50 – 58
B 41 – 49
C 32 – 40
D 31 points or below


Due date:  December 14th.  Points will be deducted for each day late.


Each student will teach the whole class how to make one decoration, do one activity or sing one song starting December 15th.

Friday, December 18th, each student should bring in one food item from their holiday to share as part of our Winter Celebration.


Have fun!!