Ms. Garcia

Third Grade

Summer Learning

Written By: Chandra Garcia - Jun• 20•19

Summer Learning!

Summer is finally here! We hope all of our students and families have a safe, relaxing and fun break. While you are enjoying your summer, please do not forget the importance of continuing your learning. We have given your student a pack of some suggestions that we highly recommend so that they are prepared for third grade!

Reading/ Writing

  • Here is a list of some suggested books to read. Please do not feel limited to these choices. The most important thing is that you are READING DAILY! We have also given you a reading log and book report to use!
  • Keep a journal. Try and write a little each day. Practice makes perfect J


  • Multiplication facts. It is crucial that students are able to fluently multiply numbers 0-10 when they leave third grade. Please find attached list for your reference. Making flash cards can be a great strategy!
  • Please see attached handout with third grade expectations!

We look forward to a wonderful 2018-2019 school year!

Third Grade Team

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